Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Alice in the Realms of Mystery: Living on the Edge

I stand at the edge of the well and listen. I listen for the secrets it will reveal, I listen to hear what I am ready to hear. What will the mystery we call life reveal to me?

Life has moved on since I last wrote. My house in the country has materialized and I am now living the life I have always dreamed of. It all transpired very unexpectedly. I was walking in the woods with Ivan one day in March (2015) and talking about the prospects of ever finding a house in the country, saying “it will only happen if it is handed to us on a platter.” 

Later on that afternoon, as guests arrived to celebrate Ursula’s thirtieth birthday, this is essentially what happened. Rimma (Ursula's Russian grandmother) had barely stepped over the threshold, when she announced that an old dear friend of hers was looking for someone to live in his country house. His wife had died and he was unable to live there any longer on his own, but he wanted someone to be there and take care of things for him. A trip a couple of weeks later to see the place clinched the matter. I was ready to move out as soon as possible. At the end of April (2015), I did. 

Several months down the line, I continue to embrace the glory of my life. It is the manifestation of my dream.

As I sink into the reality of this new life, I stand at my inner well each day and listen for what I need to know.

I will share some of the revelations I experienced during the month of November 2015 as Alice journeys into the realms of mystery.

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