Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Day Eight-Employing the Mind

The world is like a cocoon this morning, wrapped in a light gauze. The moon shines through the misty cloud cover. Darkness and stillness abound. The forest out front is shrouded in mist. I feel energized and alert. My Step today calls for employing the mind in productive work, not allowing it to be self-employed. When it is self-employed it runs amok and engages in pointless fantasizing and futile dreaming. The mind needs to be reined in and channeled in a specific direction to make it potent and useful. I wish to channel my mind toward Knowledge. For if Knowledge is not my guide, something less effective and authoritative will be. The Step says that the mind seeks a master. I wish for the master of my mind to be Knowledge.

Knowledge speaks to the deeper part of me, awakening that part of me connected to my Source. I can call it God, but when I call this Source Knowledge or Higher Power, I feel more at home, I feel a sense of knowing that this is true. Knowledge is not God though, Knowledge is what God has placed within me. Knowledge is what my Source has placed within me, for I must have come from somewhere, at least that eternal spirit part of me must have come from somewhere. It gets very complicated though and hazy, which is why it is best not to analyze too much, not try to understand and put experience into words.

The mind must be employed, it must be employed in something beyond itself, something that challenges it, something that takes it further than it has ever gone before. And then it will become clear.

Alice was sinking down into the well below her surface mind, journeying into the realms of mystery. She was living on the edge in her rural environment and enjoying every minute. As she sank down into the soft warm darkness, her peripheral vision was drawn to a light. She moved in that direction and found herself in a beautiful space. It has no boundaries, it has no substance, it has nothing with precise contours in it, no objects. It is just space, light, color, luminescence, perfect love. Here she knew she was in the universal space of all souls, here she could understand the people she knew and feel their energy. Here she knew she was one with all and could join in concert with them. 

Yes, life is a concert, not individual arias, I reiterate this truth. I have taken this phrase and made it my own. In this radiant space, there can be communion and knowing. Nothing really needs to be known, it only needs to be felt and experienced. Alice drifted slowly in this space, marveling at its purity and recognizing its gifts. It had gifts to share and she was receiving them. Once received, she could pass them on to others. She did not have to know how to do this, it would happen naturally, without her doing anything specific to make it happen. Energy flows, minds join, alchemy works, magic is created, the world hums in harmony, and lives unfold.

Alice’s life was unfolding in a village in Russia. It may not be the most beautiful village in the world, but it was the most perfect place for her. Everything came together here, air, water, earth, and fire, work and relationship, health and spiritual advancement, peace and happiness. There was no rush, no chaos, no problems to solve, no grist to grind, just life, just being, just creation, just love.

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