Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Day Eighteen-Still Waters

Living this life in the country, I am slowing down to enjoy each minute of my time. Even the gray damp weather does not dampen the glow inside. The days are short now. It is not really light by six in the morning and already getting dark by five in the evening. There is little sunshine these days, the skies are heavy and overcast. But still this darker time with its shorter days has its charm. The garden covered in snow with the dank brown grass and sodden leaves showing through is sleeping as it should before the next season of growth. Its slumber is well-deserved and restorative. All is in its right place and going through the right rhythms. There has to be a dark, down time, a time of rest and recuperation to build the energy required for the light, up time, the time of growth and rejuvenation. I am happy to hibernate now. Inside I still feel light and gay, the lamp burns deep inside me, giving me succor, support, and direction. And certainty that I am not lost. I never did think I was lost. I have always felt a strong sense that all is as it is supposed to be, all is flowing and in flux, the rivers of life taking me where I need to go. I do not resist, I do not complain, I do not fight and try to change things. I accept and go with it, for this is what I have asked for.

I am living by still waters. This is where Alice is going today as she descends into the realms of mystery. She sees the picture in her mind’s eye of the river Ushna beyond the dam as it flows quietly out of the village into the forest beyond. There are green lush banks on either side. Weeds sway and ripple beneath the surface, some make emerald islands in the water’s current, bright gems of verdure atop the river. There is peace and wellbeing here. The river has its secrets. It is reluctant to share, but if you sit and watch its calm waters, which never indeed rest, long enough, you may hear a tinkle of what you need to know. Water flows constantly, without ever stopping, even though it may seem to be still and not going anywhere. The water is cold, fed by underwater springs that take their source in glaciers. It does not warm up even in the summer, but provides a crisp awakening and sprucing up during hot days. Alice even takes a dip on the not so hot days, allowing the icy cold water to invigorate and rejuvenate her. Today though, Alice would stand here on the wooden bridge and allow the stillness of the water to penetrate her mind and bring her closer to her Source.

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