Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Day Eleven-The Angelic Realm

Alice was entering the angelic realm. There are angels and an angelic presence that oversee the world. This Presence does not interfere, it only watches, stays close, and is ready to respond. When called upon, this Presence comes even closer and extends its love and support. When the mind is open and aware enough, this Presence can be felt constantly. It is up to the individual mind to be receptive to this Presence, to feel and experience it. It is not the way of the Presence to impose itself or manage anything. It only sends out signals and makes its presence known when the mind opens up to receive it.

As Alice sank down into the dark dense warmth of her inner well she called on the Presence to come close. And she found herself in an airy luminous space filled with white light and a feathery ambiance. She saw no faces, saw no figures, but the space was full of life. It pulsated with a living, potent light and energy, it pulsated with love and knowing and beneficence. She allowed herself to soak up its goodness and light, felt her body melt and disappear, felt her mind expand to embrace the potency around her. And she listened. She heard bells gently tinkling, she heard utterances of support and encouragement. She felt approval and subtle recognition, she was filled with a knowing that she was doing the right thing.

Alice was joyous as she communed with the angels immersed in this environment of beneficence and love. She could visit this place any time her heart desired. She did not doubt its existence, she did not even have to call upon it any more in a moment of despair and disappointment, for those times were gone. All that was left was joy, harmony, balance, an innate sense that all was well and as it should be, there was nothing to fear, nothing to change, nothing to refashion according to her personal desires and wishes. There was only life--glorious, luminous life.

Man cannot reach perfection in a body. The body serves the mind and the mind serves Spirit. It is Spirit that is eternal, not the body. The body is only a vehicle that makes it possible to be temporarily present on the planet. It may be pretty incredible and hard to believe that a planet as tiny as Earth in the entire colossal universe is worth the attention of the Creator, but this planet has sentient life, has spiritual life, which is rare in the Universe. Humans strive for something beyond their physical selves, they strive for self-perfection and self-fulfillment, they are spiritual beings living in a physical body. Once they get past the “self” stuff and realize they are part of a much greater whole, a whole that requires the contribution of all of its parts to survive and evolve, things get even better and something can be accomplished, something can be achieved, humanity can advance as a spiritual entity.

Some are happy without this expansive stuff, some are content to live however long they have in their physical body without pondering too much on the meaning of life or striving for something more. But most of humanity is suffering and cannot deal with its loss, grief, depression, stress, feelings of inferiority, pain, sadness, and so on. It is a very complex system, and one that cannot be comprehended within the span of a lifetime. It requires many lifetimes and much soul-searching and practice to reach a point where the physical is seen for what it really is – temporary and individual – and the soul is recognized for what it is – eternal and part of a whole.

Photo credit MikkoLagerstedt
Sasha does not want to go for a walk today, but I am feeling the urge to go out and enjoy the winter views. It is overcast with a light snow falling. It is not damp and chilly, like yesterday. The ground is frozen and the air is crisp. I will take the hill up to the end of the village and see how the trees are doing. I will commune with the birches and breathe in the fresh pungent smell of the firs. I will delight and jubilate in my freedom and the harmony I feel within and without. 

Living the Way of Knowledge and following The Steps to Knowledge is working its power in my life, opening up vistas and layers of knowing I could never fully grasp before. I recommend it for all those who can respond.

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