Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Day Fifteen-Go to the Source

The Fire of Knowledge burns bright within this morning. Today when I imagined the vast expanse that extends out into infinity in my mind I was overwhelmed by how boundless Knowledge is and how it cannot possibly be contained. I became clearly aware of how it is not my Knowledge, “mine” can only be a miniscule particle that may or may not speak to me in certain situations, but Knowledge itself is boundless and cannot be contained. It is impartial and just there. It will not interfere if uncalled, it is only there for tapping into should I so desire. It must be my initiative, for Knowledge will not work on my behalf if I do not engage with it. I must act first, ask a question, seek the guidance of Knowledge, put out a plea, make an inquiry, and then listen for an answer. I must not conjure up my own answer, think I have the answer before it has been given, bend the facts to suit my pleasure. I must truly wait and listen. I must be patient and aware. I cannot expect instant answers. Knowledge responds in its own good time.

Alice descended into the realms of mystery and found herself in a magnificent pine forest. The tall trees towered majestically over her, their crowns becoming lost in the ethers above. Their slender rusty red trunks wove a tapestry of rustic glory and wonder. Absolute silence reigned, the air was so still that not a single branch or twig swayed or creaked. Here she could feel the presence of the Greater Community forces, but only those forces that were benevolent, the Allies, the ones who keep watch over the Earth and want our highest good. There are Great Waves of Change coming to the world, and this will be disastrous for some. 

In this peaceful and still harbor among the resplendent pines, any strife and upheaval seem very far away and unreal. There is a slight breeze now, ruffling the tree tops and causing them to rustle. The rustle seems like a whispering voice, the voice of the Unseen Ones, the benevolent forces that watch over our world. It is talking to me, calming me, reassuring me. I hear it say, “go to the Source.” 

This is what I hear. This is what I hear when I listen at the edge of the well, looking down into the dense darkness, the place of knowing, the place where Knowledge resides. Just as the hero of The River Why walked all the way up the river where he lived to find its source and there had his spiritual awakening, so I am being called to go to the Source--to find the Source of my Being, my True Self, my true connection with creation and all of life. I do not know how I will do this and what it entails, but this is the sacred journey I am on. I am working my way home.

“Go to the Source,” this is the mantra I shall sing from now on. 

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