Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Day Five-Soul Mate

Life is a mystery and there is so much to learn, take into consideration, weigh up, consider and somehow reckon with. It seems wiser not to form opinions, or draw conclusions though. It seems wiser to take stock and then continue on with an open mind, no expectations, no hopes, no fears, no set plans. Things can never be set in stone, there must be room for maneuver, room for change, opportunities to take a step in one direction only to find it would be better to go in another, without being afraid to retrace or redirect your steps.

We think we create our own reality, that by projecting our thoughts and wishes out into the ethers, our dreams will materialize. This may be true, but it is not of our doing alone. For everyone else is doing the same, everyone else is creating their own reality, so there must be some confluence somewhere. Life is a concert, not individual arias. 

I understand this to be what the Mental Environment means. We do not live in a vacuum, nor do we live in individual bubbles, bouncing around out there, never to touch. I used to think this was the case, since I always felt the absence of mutual understanding. Communicating successfully with another human being always seemed such an enigma to me. We are all so different, vibrating at different levels, on different planes, and it seems practically impossible to tune ourselves into each other’s frequencies. First of all, we are very poor listeners. We listen to the jangle in our own heads, but we find it hard to listen to what other people are saying. Really listen and understand. However, our thoughts flow out from us and mingle in a greater space. And there something happens. Some combination occurs and the reality of one person, several people, entire nations is created according to some pattern, according to certain intrinsic governing laws.

Alice went to the edge of her inner well again and looked down. There was water swirling and splashing, lapping up against the sides of the well. She did not want to venture down there, it did not look inviting. It looked cold and dangerous. But enter she must, for if she looked closer into the depths, she could see a faint light. That light was her destination. She braced herself and slid in. She sank slowly down below the surface and found herself in a warm and nurturing environment. It was not cold and dangerous, it was soothing and calming. It was like being in the womb, the fluid ebbed and flowed, was iridescent and luminous.

She allowed herself to sink down into its caressing wholeness and the distant light came closer. When she reached the outer perimeter of the shining orb, her bare toes touched something solid, she found her feet sinking into soft, warm sand. She was on a beach, golden sand stretched as far as she could see, washed by the gentle waves of an azure sea. There was not a soul around. She stretched out, her wet skin drying in an instant, and allowed all extraneous thoughts to drift from her mind. She was in Shangri-La, but it was not a physical place, it was a place in the realms of mystery, a place deep under her surface mind. There was nothing to distract her, no wind, no hot sun, no sounds, even the sea lapping the beach did this silently. No birds called, no human voice could be heard. It really was as though she were in a vacuum, but a vacuum filled with meaning and significance. If she listened carefully, she may hear what she was ready to hear. It could have no form though, for if she formed her thoughts or questions into words, she could no longer be sure they came from her Source, from the realms of mystery. What she heard had to have no form, it could only be felt and known in the marrow of her bones, in the depths of her soul. What did she feel? What did she know? Her mind was blank.

The sun shines in the front windows, sending out its glow and lighting up the plants that catch its rays. The canaries sing in the kitchen, trilling their lilting song. Her spiritual development was taking its own sweet time. And this was the way it was supposed to be. She was not striving to become super enlightened or ascend to some sublime height. She just wanted Knowledge to open up within her and show her the way. Knowledge that the Creator of All Life had placed within her. Was this so?

Her soul mate was in the kitchen cooking lunch. They had agreed that he was senile and she had Alzheimer’s, so they perfectly complimented each other, since what one of them forgot, the other would remember, and what the other remembered, the first would be the recipient of. He played her a song about a man telling his beloved how he loved her more every day and how their fates were intertwined. So we live in harmony and rub off each other’s sharp edges. What are we to do together? We do not seem to have a common mission. But does that matter? I think not. It matters only that we are together and like it.

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