Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Day Four-The Origin

Alice stepped off the edge and descended down into her inner well. Not too far down was a wooden fence. It was smooth and worn with age, revealing a pattern of whorls and subtle stripes, gray with tones of ochre and clay. Vine, dressed in the vivid red of autumn, hung loosely at its sides. 

Through the gaps in the planks shone a faint light, beyond she glimpsed green grass, a garden path, bushes groaning with berries, and a small hut nestled under the boughs of an oak tree. She noticed a gate, pushed it, and it swung open. She stepped tentatively into the garden and walked down the path to the house. It stood enshrouded in a wondrous stillness, an alive and throbbing stillness. It was the stillness of the Universe, the stillness where all things become known. But to know, she had to be aware, and to be aware, she had to shed the shackles of her surface mind that clamored to retain their hold. 

She concentrated on her chakras to open up the cosmic channels. The root chakra slowly unfurled like a red chrysanthemum in the sun, its petals iridescent in a spray of red dewdrops. She moved up to the sacral chakra and saw a bright orange lily open up, its delicate petals also shining with a myriad orange crystals. Next was the solar plexus chakra in its yellow glory, a sunny burst of bright golden light. The heart chakra opened in the splendor of lime green, a ball of green petals tipped in pink. The throat chakra was cornflower blue, glistening with turquoise diamonds and pulsating in an aquamarine glow. The third eye chakra opened in a scintillating burst of indigo, its healing light moving through all the convolutions of her brain and washing them clean, her whole head was filled with pulsating indigo light and at the edges of her vision light poured in. At the top of her head, the crown chakra bloomed like violet clover, reaching up and out, a bright pompom atop her head, tipped in white. She felt the rush of kundalini energy enter and fill her with its power.

Inside, the house had no walls, no beginning and no end. It was a sacred place. Alice stood looking in, absorbing the wonder and glory, allowing the energy to flow through the channel she had opened to contain a greater flux of exchanging flow. She could not know how this occurred, she could only feel her own energized being and experience her own enlightened state. This was not real life though, this was not a place she could stay for long, because the physical world beckoned her back. There was a body to feed and exercise, a mind to bend around the work of the day, a heart to lend to her relationships, a world to see, hear, and tend to, other people to help. This was the price to pay for living in what is known as The Separation.

And this is right in sync with what I heard today on the first day of the Messenger's Vigil  in The Origin, a never-before released Revelation of the New Message from God.

It begins like this:

Life had an origin long ago, before this world existed, before life as you know it existed in this world, before you took form and became an individual in this world. 
Life existed with no alternative to life, complete, whole, engaged, all of Creation, magnificent, beyond words and expression, life in the purest form in myriad expressions, creative but harmonious, life that still exists within you at this moment deep beneath the surface of your mind. 
But there was a Separation, and the Separation created the manifest universe that your senses report to you. 
This speaks to something deep within me, I cannot fathom it fully with my intellectual mind, but it touches a deeper truth.

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