Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Day Fourteen-The Greater Community

Light, grainy snowfall, overcast skies and a cold north wind. I am asked to discern the presence of Greater Community forces in the world today. These forces are those alien forces that, for the most part, do not have our better interests at heart. They are here to see what they can claim for themselves, they are here to interfere and prevent humanity from evolving along its higher spiritual path.

I share this from the Revelation "The Global Emergency" received by Marshall Vian Summers on October 20, 2015.

Races from beyond the world have faced what this world is now facing. That is why exploitation of the Earth now and intervention are being carried on with such determination, carried on without the use of force. For these few nations who are engaged in this do not want to further degrade the world through conflict and will rely upon human labor and cooperation to succeed in gaining control here. They do not want to destroy humanity, but to use humanity for their own purposes. And since conquest is not allowed in this part of the universe, other means must be sought: deception and persuasion—far greater weapons than you realize.

Read more about the global emergency at http://tinyurl.com/zazy6dj

Alice descends into the realms of mystery and is confronted with a city made of tin. It has turrets, towers, balustrades, high walls, with red lights shining in the narrow windows and red banners fluttering on the pointed tips of the towers. The tin is gleaming and shining, not a single flaw or dark spot on it. It shines in its metallic brightness, indicating strength, power and invincibility. It is a mighty entity unto itself, unconquerable and implacable. 

Within, its residents move about their business, they are robot-like in movements and thoughts. They all have plans and programs that need to be followed and fulfilled. There is no straying from the set path, no room for emotions, trial and error, experimenting, flexibility, compassion, or any show of empathy and affection. Everyone is drilled to fulfill the mission they have been assigned and carry out the instructions programmed into their mechanical brains. 

The mission is to infiltrate planet Earth and brainwash its people into stepping in line with their master plan. These residents of the tin city are not spiritual, they know nothing about spiritual growth, spiritual development, spiritual evolvement. They know nothing about mystery and wonder. They only know what they are told to do, without question, without analysis, without deductions, without coming to their own conclusions. But they are intrigued by the Earth with its vast biodiversity, its resources, its beauty, its fresh air, fresh water, trees, earth, flowers, fauna.

However humanity is soiling its own nest, the water is no longer fresh, the air is polluted, the trees are being felled, the flowers are dying, and the fauna is becoming extinct. Humanity is exploiting the magnificent place it has been allowed to inhabit, plundering its riches, greedily grabbing more than its due. Not all of humanity, of course, but the majority. The residents of the tin city know this and want to take advantage of this human weakness. They are infiltrating the minds of the world’s leaders and have set a plan in motion to poison millions of people with poor quality and toxic food in order to make more room for their own kind. There are too many people on Earth to sustain it any longer. Something has to change.

Alice was aware of this as she stood and gazed upon the tin city. Of course, she would not venture there, she only observed and understood what was going on. The call for spiritual strength and Knowledge was great now. Only people being aware of the Knowledge placed within them and working to reclaim it and spark it in others could save the planet now. But people were resistant. People clung to their old thinking, the old stereotypes, the old dogmas and traditions, and wanted to hear nothing about the Knowledge that God, the Creator of All Life, has placed inside them. 

They want to hear nothing about how God is speaking again. They think it is a farce, a blasphemy even, they want to hear nothing that contests their long ingrained beliefs and precepts. They do not realize that it is all the same, it is all part of the immense divine plan that was launched at the beginning of time and cannot be changed or altered. It can be rejected, denied, ridiculed, but that does not change the truth. Humanity is not destined to perish in the Great Waves of Change or at the hands of alien races interfering in our world. It is destined to reclaim its inherent spirituality, Knowledge as it is called in the Greater Community Way of Life and in the Steps to Knowledge

Knowledge contains the answers to every question ever asked, if only people will listen and take heed. And I am happy to acknowledge that there is a growing community of like-minded people around the world, people who understand what Knowledge is. Not unhappy people looking for some meaning in life, looking for self-benefit and self-development, but people who truly understand the divine essence of all, truly understand that we all come from a spiritual source we call God. 

And God is communicating with us again. This communication touches us somewhere deep inside where the eternal part of us resides. That part is only temporarily housed in a body, which we identify with so strongly. To most people their body is their true self, they do not realize that this is not the case. Their true self is the spiritual part that is temporally using the body as its temple, using it as a vehicle for expressing the spiritual in the world. 

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