Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Day Nineteen-The Mental Environment

My Step today addresses the mental environment and how we are affected by it. This explains why a person might feel comfortable in one place and ill-at-ease in another. The mental environment is formed by the thoughts of the people present there. Any house, building, or place where people congregate has its mental environment, formed by the people who dwell there and frequent it. I know I feel more comfortable some places than I do in others. 

Alice descended into the realms of mystery and found herself in a dark place. A long dark path stretched before her with hedgerow on either side. A knight in full armor was galloping at full tilt along this path. Who was he? Where was he going? She felt she had once lived in the times of Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, of Merlin and Guinevere, of Morgan Le Fay, of the warriors and priestesses, a time of magic and mystery. The vision of this knight galloping on his black steed took her back there.

She was in the magical forest hung densely with low canopies of thick leaves. Underfoot was a thick soft carpet of emerald moss. This forest was rather eerie, for there was no sound, no birds sang, no wind moved the branches and leaves, it was shrouded in a heavy silence. There was the sense that if she laid down and went to sleep, she would never wake up again. So it was like the Sirens luring her to her physical death. In the distance though she saw a light and moved steadily toward it. As she came closer, she saw it was a lamp hanging in a wooden boat at the edge of a misty lake. There was no one around, not another single soul in sight. 

The boat stood invitingly on the shore of the lake, its lantern shining brightly and begging her to step in and row off. She did, and without the least effort, found herself drifting off into the lake, into the mist, which became thicker as the boat moved on. Her lamp was the only thing that lit up the world around her. She had no idea where she was going, which direction to steer in, or what was in store. But she did not panic, she allowed herself, her mind, her consciousness, to sink into the mist and let the boat take her where it would. She lay down in the bottom of the boat with the lamp hanging above her. The light spread out forming a star-like orb and seemed to wink and nod at her. She focused on its center and her mind slipped away. She must have drifted off to sleep, for she came back to her senses when she heard the loud slapping of water against the bows of her boat. She was aground on the shore, a wide grassy field stretching before her. It sloped upward and on the crest of the hill she could make out wooden huts nestled in trees. This was where the priestesses lived and Alice would go to them to receive her initiation. She felt the nourishment and good vibes from this place as soon as she stepped out of the boat. This place charged her energy, made her feel stronger, encouraged her. Her vision of the huge knight on the lathered horse belting along the dark narrow path enclosed by tight hedgerow dissipated like a forgotten dream. She stepped forward boldly to climb the hill and embrace what was in store for her there.

Ivan and I form our own unique mental environment here in the house. I wonder what other people feel when they enter? Do they feel peace and harmony, do they feel warm and comfortable, do they wish to stay, or are they anxious to move on? I feel particularly in tune with nature and the elements when I am out in the garden, I feel safe and enclosed there from the tempests of the world. There is peace and goodness here and I am making it even more inviting and wholesome for people who may visit with my own positive and grateful thoughts. 

I am grateful for this house, for this opportunity to live the life I have dreamed of for so many years, live in the bosom of nature all year round and experience all the seasons as they pass from one to the next. I am away from the commotion and hubbub, but life is more expansive here. The sun was out for a while today. It makes a big difference, but the days are still short and darkness falls early. I accept the restrictions this brings. I accept the need to stay inside more and not even venture beyond my garden. I am enjoying and appreciating this quiet dark time, because I know the light will return, I know that growth and abundance will appear once more in our lives. 

The nourishing mental environment here is what sustains me when I am alone. Its goodness is why I am not afraid when alone. I feel surrounded and protected by the grace and love of the Unseen Ones, my Teachers, my Spiritual Family and the Presence of the Angelic Assembly. Life is good.

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