Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Day One-Beyond the Surface Mind

Alice put on her robe and stepped out into the brittle snow. The air was cool and the chill crept down her front and under her collar. But she turned to embrace the elements, raised her arms to the clouded sky, caught a glimpse of the moon, saw the bare branches silhouetted dark against the paler sky. Breathing in the fresh, cool air, she did her stretching and bending while surrounding herself in violet light. What was to come? What was she to hear?

She stepped into the well and cautiously began to descend. The air turned warm and moist, it was very quiet and dark. She slowly felt her way down until she saw a faint light ahead. When she reached the ledge from which the light emanated, she stopped. She was in a shallow cavern, while before her a delectable landscape spread out, all glistening in snow. Tall firs and pines, like candles on an iced cake, stretched as far as the eye could see. A man with billowing hair sat proudly upon a white steed and beckoned to her. She stepped out of the cavern into the snow. It was soft and fluffy, it did not chill her bare feet at all. It caressed them and drew her on. When she reached the horse and its rider, she looked up and saw a broad strong hand reaching down to help her up. With a single hoist, swift and effortless, she found herself seated behind the rider on the broad back of the placid and powerful animal he was mounted on. He smelled of leather, wood smoke, and some unidentifiable aroma of distant forests and unknown lands. She put her arms around his wide waist and leaned against his broad back. They swept away, the horse’s hooves hardly seeming to touch the ground. A fine spray of silken snow rose behind them as they moved. The gentle sunlight caught in it, producing a myriad spangles of pure crystalline radiance, a luminous veil that separated her now from the world from which she had come. She was now beyond her surface mind, delving deeper into the mind connected to her Source. Here the mystery of her life would be revealed.

The air brushed her cheeks, soft, fragrant, and caressing. She fell into a reverie as the horse continued on, covering the distance through the enchanted forest at lightening speed. She did not know where they were going, and she did not care. She felt safe and secure. She knew her Teachers were surrounding her and protecting her, she knew she would soon be in the presence of her Spiritual Family and they would initiate her into some of the time-old secrets. It was impossible to know everything all at once. It was impossible to know everything cognitively. Knowing had to be experienced at a deeper level, not expressed in words to categorize it and trap it in form, but felt with a deep understanding and instant dawning that this was the truth. The light and brilliance faded and Alice came back to earth.

She recalled how she felt sitting astride the mighty steed with her arms around the waist of its rider. She was unaware of herself, of her body, of her identity. Her mind opened and she was one with the horse, the rider, the glowing, radiant brightness all around her. She was one with the wind as they galloped along, one with the iridescent snow flurries that enveloped them, she did not identify herself as separate from all of this. This is what Knowledge was teaching her, the ability to go below the surface mind and be in stillness with the Source of All That Is. In this state, all assumptions, condemnation, hatred, jealousy, greed, ambition, cunning, hypocrisy, spite, and falsity are inconsequential, they do not exist, they do not mean anything. They are phantoms, while beauty, love, expansiveness, admiration, compassion, kindness, glowing vitality, and inspiration take their place. This is the true state of things, Alice knew this and experienced it.

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