Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Day Seven-Patience and Diligence

Alice ventured once more into the realms of mystery, down into the well of her inner world. Was this inner world affected by the forces at work in the world? In the realms of mystery, there does not appear to be such intrusion. This is the angelic realm, the realm of the forces that love and cherish the Planet Earth and wish to move it forward. There are many knots to untangle though, and it takes time and patience, forbearance and diligence.

Alice came upon a huge pile of brushwood blocking her path. It had to be removed before she could go on. Branches and twigs lay piled in an enormous jumbled heap. They seemed to have fused together into something solid and permanent. It was a labyrinth of massive proportions. How could she go on? She could not move it en masse, not shift it to one side. It was too dense and voluminous. So she began dismantling it twig by twig, branch by branch. 

She painstakingly pulled and disentangled each piece from the pile and laid it neatly to one side. She began in the middle, at the densest place, and pulled and disentangled. Soon she had a large pile of branches and twigs piled to one side, but there did not seem to be a dent in the massive pile before her. It stood as impenetrable as before. But she was not discouraged, she did not give up. She continued resolutely on. 

A few hours went by and still she continued. Pulling twigs one by one out of the pile, disentangling branches, making space. After a while, she noticed that the place she was working on began thinning. Behind the intricate mass, there was light. She pulled aside a few more branches, cleared some more space, and before her an archway opened up, an archway leading on down the path. Above her and to the sides, the jumbled heap of twigs and branches held and seemed even more solid, but before her the path was clear. Her patience and diligence had paid off. Her steady and methodical efforts had yielded a positive result, she had freed a path for herself through the mayhem, without brute strength and without mechanical tools.

She walked through the tunnel she had freed and out into a magnificent lush meadow where sunbeams danced and butterflies fluttered. It stretched on to the horizon in a wondrous luminescent spread of emerald grass. In the distance were tall trees and then mountains. The mountains stood at the very edge of her vision, towering and majestic, surrounding the meadow in a ring of protection. The sky above was azure and lucid, warm and caressing.

There could be no alien forces in this space, it was protected and surrounded by forces much stronger and more benevolent. It was protected and surrounded by the forces of universal love and compassion, goodwill and benevolence.

This was her Ancient Home, this was the home she wished to bring with her into her physical world. This was the place where Knowledge dwelled, Knowledge that was so lacking in the world. If everyone could visit their Ancient Home like this and feel its power and truth, then bring its goodness and potency with them into their earthly home, the world would be a very different place. 

How could she possibly fight the forces of manipulation and destruction? All she could do was continue diligently and patiently doing her own small part. Just as she had diligently and patiently pulled out and disentangled each twig and branch until she had cleared a passage for herself to enter the sacred world, so she must apply the same method to life on the physical plane. She must go diligently and patiently about her daily business, doing each small task that presented itself for completion. She must do this without complaint or weariness, but with joy in her heart. There were many small things to do in her world, many small tasks that required her attention. They were not beyond her capacity. They were within her range of competence. This way, by doing the small tasks, she could clear the way for the great and mighty to enter and work their magic.

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