Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Day Seventeen-A Safe Haven

Alice descended into the realms of mystery. The well opened up before her, its rim expanding and extending further and further out, beckoning her to enter so it could reveal its secrets to her. Galaxies revolved, planets gyrated in a mesmerizing dance, drawing her in. She allowed herself to sink into this lucid environment. She closed her eyes and breathed steadily, repeating the word RAHN on each exhalation, on each outbreath. When she opened her eyes she was standing in a birch grove, the trees of which encircled a boggy area. Mist rose is puffy snags from the marshy ground. The light was aquamarine, the water of the marsh turquoise, the mist white and fluffy, glittering and luminescent. The birches stood in a protective circle around the perimeter, their slender silvery trunks stretching heavenward and topped with emerald green crowns. The place where Alice stood was dry and firm, a grassy bank strewn with star-like flowers. There was a large stump close by, Alice went and sat on it. As she stared into the mist and continued to repeat RAHN, white lilies and lotus flowers emerged from the aqua waters and opened their petals. They began moving slowly across the surface in a circular motion, as though performing a solemn dance. Then from their centers appeared water nymphs, one from each flower. The nymphs were tall and slender female figures dressed in gauzy gowns. A single drop of water hung like a pearl on each forehead, their long hair floating around them and down to their waists. The nymphs swayed and gyrated in the center of each flower, their arms extended gracefully as the lilies and lotuses continued their gentle dance. Alice watched enthralled. She felt an affinity with these beautiful marsh creatures, their dance mesmerized her and she wished to join in the undulating movement. She stood and moved in sync with them on the grassy bank. She was listening for the things she was ready to know.

It became impressed upon her consciousness that she was not hiding away in her country home. She was creating a safe haven for those who so wished to come and relax and recuperate in its sustaining environment.  She did not know if she was always right, she may even be way off mark, but if she were, then nothing made sense. The pattern of her life did not make sense, if Knowledge was not the way, the fabric of her soul did not make sense, if Knowledge was not the way. With Knowledge, nothing felt false or futile, everything fell into place and created a complete mosaic. The mental environment is very potent, it is easy to allow it to have an impact and become sucked in, but she can keep it at bay if she put her mind to it. She was beginning to recognize the difference between insubstantial thoughts, flimsy notions, fears, and anxiety that came from the mental environment and imposed themselves on her surface mind and the true, substantial thoughts that came from the deeper mind where Knowledge resides.

She pondered on this as she rested again on the broad stump and viewed the scene. The lilies and lotuses folded up and vanished into the turquoise haze. Sparkles of light remained where they had been, soon to wink out one by one and leave the scene. She sat a while longer in reverie, still attentive and listening for any cues from Knowledge. There was a deep peace and stillness in the glade. No birds sang, the marsh sat amid its moss clumps and submerged tree stumps in an atmosphere of quiet expectancy. Here was much mystery and magic waiting to be revealed. Perhaps this mystery was too profound, beyond her current understanding and capacity to recognize. Alice finally stood, bowed to the elements, thanked the Unseen Ones for their support and presence, and walked slowly and quietly away.

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