Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Day Six-The Fire of Knowledge

I ask for guidance every evening before I fall asleep and every morning upon wakening. I seek guidance on what to write. Today my Step is about the Fire of Knowledge. The Fire of Knowledge burning within in me is what lights my passion and prompts me to do things. The Fire of Knowledge moves within me, fervently drawing me to the things that need my attention. I often feel this during the day, a certain energy flows through me and gives me the inspiration to do what I need to do. When I am doing things I do not need to be doing, I do not feel inspired and do not feel the energy flowing through me. Then I know it is time to stop doing that particular thing and turn my energy elsewhere.

Where would Alice go today in her ventures into the realms of mystery? To the Fire of Knowledge, of course. This represented the balance and the course of her life. Each Step every day is legitimate. It represents the harmony that now abounds in life. In the pulsating darkness of the well behind her solar plexus, she hears strange echoes, but no clear voice. She listens for what she is ready to hear, but nothing specific comes.

Down in the depths burns the Fire of Knowledge. She draws close and looks into the flames. They do not destroy, they burn with a purifying light, a cleansing fire that strips away all social conditioning and falsity, leaving the truth to be known.

As Alice stood by the Fire of Knowledge, she knew that life unfolds in harmony with the movement of Knowledge. If a person has an open and free enough mind to be aware of the prompting and movement of Knowledge within them, life is sacred and in tune with the Universe. In this state of mind, a person cannot fail to carry out his or her mission. A person is bound to fulfill his or her mission.

Standing by the Fire of Knowledge, she allows its warmth to flow around her and through her, cleansing and purging, burning away and consuming the false and unnecessary. She will be left with a mind honed and bright in its purity, a mind that knows the Truth, a mind that embraces the mystery, a mind striving to know and comprehend, but accepting that all cannot be known and comprehended. At least not yet. It is my task to send out Knowledge into the world so that it can spark Knowledge in others, spark something inside them, spark their own Knowledge, so that Knowledge can be advanced in the world and live on in the hearts of humanity. This is how things work. Like candles being lit in church at Christmas, one being passed on to the next, until an entire cathedral is filled, until the entire Universe is filled with dots of light, sparks of Knowledge that join and work their mystery, raising humanity to the next level, saving the human race from the shackles of ignorance and darkness.

This is my understanding today.

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