Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Day Sixteen-Freedom

Alice found a sheltered place in the forest, a niche carved out of some thick bushes, where she could enter and sit down. Underneath was soft grass, above was a thick bower of intertwined branches. Here she was safe and secure, she was surrounded and protected by the loving presence of the Unseen Ones. Here her mind could expand and reach for the truth. Was she hiding here out of fear? No. Was she hiding here away from danger? No. Was she hiding here to avoid the responsibility she had in the world? No. Was she hiding here so that she would not have to be accountable to people? No. 

She was hiding here to keep her peace of mind intact, to keep the chaos and commotion at bay, to retain her sanity, to retain the knowing that she was pursuing a spiritual path no matter what the world might say or do, no matter what skeptical and unconvinced voices and minds might impress on her, no matter the cynicism, doubt and disbelief that abounded. Other people can believe what they want to believe, it should not affect her.

It was safe and warm in her bower, but she could not see far. She could only see the tangled branches above her and on either side, the grass she was sitting on and the trunks of the trees right outside her hideaway. There was no wide view or expansive scope, no panorama. She began to feel claustrophobic and enclosed. She felt the need to rise and stretch. 

She crawled out and stood in a pool of sunlight under the canopy of tall pines. She moved toward one of the sturdy trunks with its rough intricate bark pattern and moss and put her arms around it. She stood pressed up to it and breathed in the tree’s aroma, pungent and woodsy, a mixture of resin, bark, and mustiness. The energy flowed through her. She sent it back out into the ethers, reaching all the way to Claire so that it penetrated her mind and illuminated it. She is my beauty, she is my angel, she is my clear beam of light. I wish for her to return to the light she truly owns.

Freedom means the freedom to practice Knowledge and take the Steps to Knowledge, it means the freedom to express and experience Knowledge. Freedom is not being free to do go about my business without discernment and discretion, without being responsible and accountable to people. Freedom is a precious gift that is hard come by and not enjoyed by all sentient beings in the universe. I feel like I know what my Step today is talking about when it says this freedom is rare in the universe. In most other places, people, beings, are dominated by greater powers that exercise control over them and demand conformity. We, earthlings, who are spiritual beings, have a great advantage of most others, we have the inner freedom to pursue Knowledge, if we so desire, if we are aware enough to recognize it and wish to tap into it. Others do not have this privilege. Freedom is the ability to pursue the purpose I was sent here to fulfill, the purpose I came here to perform. And I practice for others to set them free too.

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