Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Day Ten-Attentiveness

Today I wish to be present and attentive. If I am present to what is going on in my life and within me, I can be attentive to the promptings of Knowledge.

Alice traveled once more down into the realms of mystery. The warm soft, almost liquid, darkness buoyed her along, she floated easily in this caressing environment. This is where the Presence surrounded her, uplifted her, and imbibed her with love. She listens without seeking answers. Random thoughts come and go. Will the Messenger ever visit Russia? Only if is it part of the Great Coordination. Only time will tell. She thinks these thoughts and then lets them go. She will prepare and see what happens. She will be attentive to the signs and promptings from Knowledge.

Alice saw scraps of dreams, people she knew in this life long ago, people telling her things she could not hear, or could not remember upon awakening. The memories were calm and unruffled though, nothing disturbing or tremulous. She felt a deep certainty that her place was now here, in rural Russia, there could be no going back to the city. Still it was unclear how long it would last, this idyllic life in this borrowed house. The family who owned it did not seem to be in a rush to take it back, but things can change. If they do, she hoped another option would present itself, but it seems this option has been so long in the making that now it has come to fruition, it would appear very unproductive and even puzzling if the balloon were to deflate and drop in mid-flight.

Nothing in particular came to her as she levitated in the realms of mystery and listened for what she was ready to hear. There were no flashes of insight or sudden dawning of knowledge.

The day is dripping now, melting snow drips from the eves and from the branches of the trees and berry bushes. Drops of rain clinging like jewels to the branches. The music of dripping water.

P.S. Today as I update this post (January 29, 2016) after listening to the last day of the Messenger Vigil, I find it very serendipitous to read here about my thoughts of Marshall coming to Russia. These same thoughts came through loud and clear today as we explored and took a closer look at the Revelation "Walking with the Messenger" during the Vigil. What does walking with the Messenger mean to me? It became ever clearer to me as I listened that I wish to do everything in my power and ability to spread the New Message from God in Russia in the hope of kindling Knowledge in those ready to receive. If I can do this, perhaps the Messenger really will come to meet them.

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