Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Day Thirteen-The Sacred Life

I walk out into my garden at five every morning no matter what the weather. Today, the branches of the birch tree as they rose heavenward were white with frost, forming an intricate pattern reminiscent of an open lacy fan. In the sunlight they would have sparkled with a thousand jewels, but the day was still dark, so their splendor was ghostly.

I wish to live a sacred life, a life of purpose, meaning and direction. The New Message from God has fallen on my ears and eyes, has entered my soul, and has touched a deep chord of recognition in my heart, so I am one of the responders, one of the recipients, one of those responsible for caring for it and sharing it. I pass it on with no strings attached. I am not to teach it, explain it, add to it or take away from it, I am not to falsely represent it, I am only to pass it on in the pure form in which it was given. The New Message has found me, so now what do I do now? I cannot run away, I cannot pretend I do not know anything about it, I cannot stick my head in the sand like an ostrich. The Revelation is in the world and I have found it, or better to say, it has found me. And not only has it found me, it has awoken some long forgotten memory in me, kindled some recognition and a deep sense of knowing that this is true. It has opened up an awareness and is beckoning me to explore further.

But what does living a “sacred” life mean? There is a dictionary definition that fits my notion of “sacred.” It refers to reverential devotion to some person, purpose, or object. I am reverentially devoted to my study of Steps to Knowledge and the New Message. This study fills my life with purpose, meaning and direction.

I also wish to be discreet and discerning. I must keep what is going on inside me to myself today, and if asked how I feel about something, say that I am not ready to talk about that just now, while being aware of my thoughts and feelings, while being aware of what I am experiencing within.

As Alice stood in the center of the pulsating red circles by the Fire of Knowledge, she knew that life unfolds in harmony with the movement of Knowledge. If a person has an open and free enough mind to be aware of the prompting and movement of Knowledge within them, life is sacred and in tune with the Universe. In this state of mind, a person cannot fail to carry out his or her mission. A person is bound to fulfill his or her mission. I truly feel that my mission is to share the New Message in Russian. Even with my imperfect skills, I still have some grip on what needs to be done and how to do it. My Russian is perfectly adequate for the job and my Knowledge supports me and assists me.

Here in the Russian countryside, in the bosom of nature, in an environment that is conducive to the expansion of my soul, I am in the perfect place to live a life of purpose, meaning and direction, a sacred life of service and contribution.

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