Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Day Thirty-The Way of Things

Alice descended once again into the realms of mystery, not sure where to go this time, not sure where her initiation was taking her. She seemed to be making progress in some areas. She seemed to be understanding the difference between the voice of Knowledge in her mind and the chaotic voices of her personal mind. She seemed to be guided to do the next right thing. She seemed to be attentive to the signs and signals, not jumping to act on every whim, but being discerning and discreet. She was waiting for the answer to arise naturally and in its own time. Not everything pans out immediately, some things take longer to become clear.

Today she was drawn to a perfectly still and tranquil lake surrounded by mountains. The surface of the water was flat and blue without a single ripple or movement to stir it, a veritable mirror. Around it tall mountains rose majestically, snow-capped and rugged. Their summits were bare and rocky, but further down were verdant forests and greenery. It was the epitome of peace and calm, of majestic stillness and benevolence. This was her Ancient Home. She recognized it. It was not a place for dwelling even, it was a place for being, complete in its perfection. She would never ever tire of soaking up its magic and mystery. She was so far here from the strife and conflict of the world. And she wanted to bring the peace and majesty of this place into the physical world to create the same safe haven there.

Alice had drifted off. When she returned to her senses she was back on the edge of the rabbit hole, looking down. The hole was dry, there was no surging water lapping up the walls. Far, far below a faint light shone, forever beckoning. She knew her Four Pillars were stable. She knew had a strong foundation on which to build her life. Her life had been in the making for quite a while now and she could name many accomplishments. 

Had she fulfilled her mission yet? What would happen when she passed on from this life and stood before her Spiritual Family? Would she have made the grade? Or would it become crystal clear in one flash of insight that she had missed the boat again and not done what she was meant to do. When her life flashed before her at the end, she would know whether she had been in step with her destiny or had taken the wrong turn. She did not feel any discord. She felt she had done what she was meant to do, gone where she was meant to go, met whom she was meant to meet, lived the life she was meant to live and was still living it. But perhaps there was more to come? More mystery to explore? More surprises around the corner? She in no way felt that things were over, that there was no more to accomplish, for that could never be. Life was a mystery, a mystery to behold and cherish, always with the expectation of turning a new page and finding something utterly delightful.

I have said it before and I will say it again, we are free to choose our attitude, choose how we see things, choose our mood. I am talking about how we choose to view our circumstances. We can moan and fret, lamenting over how difficult things are, or we can rise to the occasion and make the best of what we have. I wish to always see life this way, no matter what happens

I am living on the edge, I am journeying in the realms of mystery and reclaiming Knowledge. This is an ongoing journey to be cherished and assimilated. Wrong turns along the way will make themselves known if I keep my wits about me and I will be given the opportunity to rectify them and turn in a different direction. This is the way of life, this is the Way of Knowledge, this is the upshot of making the choice to see all that life brings and offers as a unique opportunity to move further up the evolutionary spiral. This is my understanding today.

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