Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Day Three-Revealing Secrets

The dark months of the year make a difference. It is already dark at five in the evening and not yet light at five in the morning. There is less than twelve hours daylight time. The urge is strong to turn in after five and hibernate until I know the light is on its way back.

Living on the edge seems like a good title. When I began analyzing why it is I love living in Russia so much, I realized it is because it feels like I am living on the edge of an abyss, I never know what is coming next. Life is never boring, and not because a lot of exciting things are happening all the time, not because I am living an adrenalin-pumped life, rushing here and there in pursuit of a new fix, but because of the mystery of it all. There is a delightful mystery and spontaneity to living in Russia, probably because anything goes, everything is left to divine providence, and things may work out “just on the off chance.” Although nothing really happens on the off chance, everything is set in motion at one time, and if you are aware enough and can go with the flow, life will unfold just as you wish. I am a living example!

I still do not know my mission, though, I do not know really know why I came here, or why I was sent here, at this time, in this place. I can make guesses, but how am I to really know? I am nearing the end of the sixth decade of my life, surely my mission should have become apparent by now? So perhaps I am already living my purpose without being consciously aware of it? It is most likely nothing specific, perhaps it is just finding Knowledge and consciously working toward raising the vibration of the humanity, so we can survive as a race?

But the world is so polluted, so overcrowded, so gummed up with junk, what will it take to purify and cleanse it? There are many movements all over the world engaged in environmental protection, reusable energy sources, economizing on material resources, sustainable ways of life. Surely this makes a difference? Or will some natural disaster wipe out much of the planet so that it can rejuvenate? But where will all the garbage go? That is the physical side.

The spiritual side is another matter. Humanity needs to move to a higher spiritual plane, and there is plenty going on in that direction too. All the esotericism, ascension, light-working, meditation, vibration-raising that goes on. People are searching for something beyond the obvious, beyond the physical, “out of the box,” to use a hackneyed cliché. My mission is to make my own small contribution in the best way I can.

Living here in the bounty of nature, I feel I am more open to the energy flows and more able to be a channel of light and love, a channel containing a greater flux of exchanging flow, as Douglas put it. I like that!

Living on the edge also echoes the idea of standing at the edge of my inner well and listening for what I am ready to hear. If I continue to live on the edge, perhaps life will reveal some of its secrets to me.

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