Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Day Twelve-What Is The World Telling Me?

Today I am to listen to the world, be attentive to what the world is telling me. I am to go to a place where I can be in contact with the world, have my feet on the ground, and be connected with nature. Is my place here in the village such a place? I have my feet on the ground and am connected with nature, but am I in contact with the world?

The world was shattered today by the news of the terrorist acts in Paris that have taken at least 130 lives and maimed and injured almost as many. Is this what the world is telling me? That violence and terrorism are part of everyday life? However, at such times most of the world rallies together with prayers and compassion, wrapping the victims and those whose lives are affected in their love and heartfelt wishes for recovery. The world is good at rallying together and showing compassion at such times. The part of the world I live in today is far from such atrocities, knock on wood. Today my world is sunlight, a thin snow cover, and a very sharp nip in the air. The forest was magical with the light shining through the pines and birches, lighting up the bark and the smaller evergreens in their midst. 

Will the world be able to withstand the onslaught of terror? Terrorist acts do not usually follow one straight after another. A terrorist act means there will be tightened security measures, vigilance, caution, alertness. The world cannot sit on tenterhooks all the time, anticipating a terrorist act at any moment, which is why something like this happens when people are going unawares about their daily business. It is the surprise effect, the unexpectancy that terrorists are counting on. But there is a legitimacy to what is going on.  I say legitimate, although innocent people are taking the brunt. 

The prophecy is that millions and millions of people will soon be leaving the planet in the aftermath of disasters and goodness knows what else, because the planet must be purged if it is to survive. Of course, no one wants to be in that number, but it seems inevitable. Will I? 

I don’t think the strife encroaching on the Western world will reach Russia, at least not yet. Russia has the land mass, so the rising seas will not reach its interior. Russia has a bad reputation, so people will not voluntarily stream here, as they are streaming into Europe from the war-torn Middle East. Russia has Putin, a strong leader, to keep the enemy at bay. Russia is the heart of humanity’s spiritual revival. Russia feels like a safe haven amidst the buffeting waves of change that are descending on the world. This is the world I see today, this is what the world is telling me.

Alice went to the meadow today, the meadow with daisies and tall flowing grass. There was sunlight and butterflies. Butterflies are the harbingers of good news. Much of what she knows and experiences is mysterious.

The setting sun drips like honey from the walls. The sun in the meadow is dipping too, enveloping it in a warm ripe orange gauze. Alice is content to wander, her descents into the realms of mystery within her are rewarding. Things are being revealed, slowly the veils are lifting and the Truth is shining through. The world is within her, this she knows.

Has God spoken again? Is Marshall Vian Summers the Messenger for this time and the times to come? When will a Message be given again? We are living at a time of Revelation. Of course, cries my soul, this is the truth. No greater truth were ever known, it is just hard for most people to believe. You have to have a pure and open mind, a mind that reaches beyond the boundaries impressed on it. I wish to reclaim Knowledge and pass it on to the world. I wish for more and more minds to be ignited by the fire of Knowledge.  

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