Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Day Twenty-Eight-The Four Pillars

"You have Four Pillars in your life
Like the four legs of a table, they uphold your life.

Think of your life then in terms of having Four Pillars—
a Pillar of Relationships,
a Pillar of Health,
a Pillar of Work and Providership
and a Pillar of Spiritual Development.

Your life is only as strong as the weakest Pillar, the weakest leg of the table. How much you can see, how much you can know and how much you can do will be dependent upon the strength of these Pillars." http://www.newmessage.org/wiki/The_Four_Pillars_of_life

The Four Pillars practice calls for going to each Pillar and asking if there is anything I need to know here. If nothing in particular comes to my attention, I move on to the next. If something needs my attention I wait and listen for prompts as to what it might be. And I ask for more clarity

My Four Pillars feel strong and balanced. My Pillar of Relationships is good. I have a sound relationship with my husband, we are building our Ark together. I have loving relationships with my children and with my extended family. I have few friends. I like to keep a distance. My relationships are based on respect and acknowledgement.

My Pillar of Health is satisfactory. I feel healthy and have no complaints. I don’t visit doctors and I don’t take medication, I don’t get sick. I hardly ever have even a common cold. I eat moderately and healthily, I sleep well, exercise, get plenty of fresh air and generally feel fit. So far, my body is serving me well.

My Pillar of Work and Providership is strong, I have plenty of work and am able to make ends meet. I am able to support myself and my family in a modest way, at least provide the things we need. I do not need more. I will always be provided for, I will always have the amount of money I need, no more, no less. I have been given the house of my dreams to live in, what else could I want?

My Pillar of Spiritual Development feels sound. I am pursuing a spiritual life, I am living a spiritual life, I am living a sacred life of purpose, meaning and direction. I am reclaiming Knowledge, I am going to my Source. I feel the presence of my Teachers and the Unseen Ones. They are with me and watching over me, supporting me, loving me, lending their guidance when necessary. I know they are with me, I know I am a spiritual being. I am practicing stillness and penetrating beyond my surface mind to reach the deeper mind within me where Knowledge resides. In these spiritual practices, all can be known. I am listening for the cues and being attentive to the signs. I am present to the glory that is my life. I am preparing internally for whatever the future may hold.

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