Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Day Twenty-Five-Preparing for the Great Waves of Change

"Most of the preparation for the Great Waves of change is internal—what you can face, what can you see, what can you know, what can you do."

Patriarch's Ponds in Moscow
Alice remained for a long time in this mysterious and magical realm, soaking in the vibes, allowing her mind to be set free, to be released from its shackles of stereotypical thinking, social conditioning, assumptions, and condemnation. All was well and things could only get better. She was drawn into the flow of life because she wished it that way. "Anna has already bought the sunflower-seed oil, in fact she has not only bought it, but has already spilled it." The wheels are turning and there is no stopping them now. Awareness, discernment, alertness, willingness, readiness to move with the signs, move with the prompts, do the next right thing – these are what it takes to live the sacred life. Other vital factors include not becoming despondent, not choosing pity, not dwelling on the past, not giving power to failures and bad things that have happened to you. They must be released and consumed in the fire of Knowledge, not dwelled upon and allowed to fester. If power is given to bad experiences they will grow into calluses that take a lot of healing and are even harder to remove. I do not wish my soul to become encrusted with festering calluses. I do not wish my mind to become fossilized in the past. It must be supple, alive, free and healthy. Only by giving power to the good and the vital can this be achieved. The mind must extend beyond the boundaries I might bestow on it. I always have the choice to change my mood, change my thoughts, change my actions. Nothing is set in stone, nothing can bring me down, only my own binding thoughts. 

Patriarch's Ponds in Moscow - where Mikhail Bulgakov's fabulous book The Master and Margarita begins. Not far away, Anna spills the sunflower-seed oil

The memory of Knowledge was triggered in me when I first read the teaching “The Great Love.” This is all it took. I read it and knew. I read it and remembered. Of course, I do not remember everything and of course it was not a sudden light bulb going on that eliminated all doubt and skepticism in one fell swoop. I had my doubts and self-criticism, my vacillating back and forth. But the bottom line is that Knowledge is for real, it cannot be adulterated or denied. It is there whether I want it or not, believe in it or not, follow it or not. This is the crux of the matter. This is the Truth. There are things I know that defy all common sense or rationality, that seem incredible and implausible, but they do not leave me, they continue to claim their truth. So I can no longer deny them, nor do I want to, for they form the core of my being, the be all and end all of this existence on Earth.

Here are powerful words to ponder. "The world is driven by powerful geologic and biological forces. They were set in motion at the beginning of the physical Universe." 

In order to prepare for the turbulent times ahead, for the Great Waves of Change, "you must come to Knowledge within yourself. That is where you must begin. You begin with what is essential and fundamental. You learn to be still so you can experience Knowledge and feel its presence and hear its guidance, so you can feel its restraint and its motivations. You step out of the world of over-stimulation into a deeper, more quiet world within yourself. And you will find that there is a greater strength within you waiting to be discovered."

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