Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Day Twenty-Nine-The Watch Tower

Today Alice was drawn to climb the tall watchtower in the realm of mystery and look out on the world to see what she could see. She descended into the rabbit hole of her inner world and came upon a broad plateau that extended off into the mist. Out there in the swirling ethers stood a tall tower, its top bathed in the rosy light of the rising sun. Alice was transported there in the twinkling of an eye. She climbed to the very top and stood looking out. There was a wide open platform here with a bird’s eye view in every direction. All seemed calm, nothing disturbed the view. Not at first. Then she noticed a dark strip on the western horizon. There seemed to be some disturbance there, something rumbling beneath the surface, below the horizon. Something was building there. Perhaps a tidal wave that would sweep half of the planet away. It was still far away and very imperceptible, but the menace was obvious. A vast cleansing of the planet is required if it is to survive.

She also saw myriads of dots of light. These were the efforts of the enlightened people directed toward universal love, healing, and salvation. They slowly rose, moving together to form a vast golden veil that stood to meet the rumbling darkness off on the far horizon. The wall of light kept building and growing as more and more people joined their individual light to the whole in order to combat the destruction. The darkness stood no chance against such power of pure human intention. Intention based on Knowledge. “I am here to serve the world in this. I am here to join my dot of light to the many other dots and build a strong and invincible wall that will fend off the tidal wave and other raging of the elements ready to wreak havoc in the world,” thought Alice as she watched the glorious light-beamed wave rise and undulate around her. Light will conquer the darkness, of this she is sure.

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