Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Day Twenty-One-The Changing World

Behind a bright spot in the clouds the moon is making its way west. The ground is crisp and frosty, the air cool but not cold, sparkles wink in the pale light on the crusty snow. It is the dawn of another new day in this glorious life. No matter it is still dark, no matter it is chilly, no matter the grass lies damp and brown under its snow cover, no matter the trees and bushes are bare. Life courses through my veins, the presence of Spirit is palpable, the Life Force pulsates, and things are good.

I am asked today to consider how the mental environment of the world is changing. I have been aware of this for a while. I have found myself thinking that the world is not the place it was even twenty years ago. Of course, technology is still working its wonders and mobile communication is evolving in leaps and bounds. This has dramatically changed the world, even in this century. But there are other changes, more subtle changes in the atmosphere of the world. For me it is no longer a safe haven, it has lost its overreaching goodness and benevolence. For there are evil forces at work in the world, seeking to rob humanity of its spirituality and ability to reclaim Knowledge. 

In addition to the forces working surreptitiously behind the scenes, insinuating their way into the food system, into the mental environment, into the genetic code, the planet is also in physical peril due to the irreversible changes wrought by man’s insensitive use of the environment, overuse of resources, excessive waste, plunder of nature, cruelty, greed, indiscretion, and ignorance. The planet Earth has been discovered, we have been discovered, so it stands to reason that the mental environment in the world has changed, for there is now an alien presence working its way into vulnerable minds. 

If the people strong in Knowledge cannot rally together and exercise their power to divert the manipulation, planet Earth will not survive. Calamitous disasters are upon us as it is: rising seas, tidal waves, earthquakes, and mass migration that will lead to land, people and resources being swept away and destroyed. The Earth needs this cleansing, for things have gotten way out of hand. There is another Sodom and Gomorrah in the world and it needs to be obliterated before pure spirituality and the healing light of God can rise triumphant among us once more.

The mental environment today is full of fear, panic, ignorance, ambition, and incompetence. More people need to recognize Knowledge in themselves and spark it in others. For this is the true bulwark of existence, this is the strong foundation on which life must be built if humanity as a race is going to survive and move forward. And there is not that much time left to tip the balance.

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