Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Day Twenty-Seven-Discretion

The sky was partially clear this morning, giving a glimpse of the stars and moon. I saw the Big Dipper and the Morning Star above and behind me, and the moon clearly before me, just past its prime. The ground was crisp underfoot and the moonlight twinkled in the snow on the vegetable beds. I did my exercises with gusto in the cool air. All was quiet and calm.

I dreamed I was at some event. I had a bed in some large tent, but when I went to retrieve my purse I found the tent was full of Iranians (or some other dark-haired, dark-skinned people) who had gathered to watch a football match. I had to squeeze past them to reach my bed and belongings. They were friendly and greeted me as I passed, saying they were sorry for the intrusion, but it was going to rain and they were seeking shelter to watch the match. I entered into conversation with some and the talk was about spiritual things. They warned me about sharing my inner convictions with the world, saying that if a person spent too much time concentrating on their inner world, it would sap their vital energy and shorten their life. I said I was discreet and did not share with everyone. They wanted to know what specifically I had to share. I would not tell them.

Much is said about discretion in the sacred texts of the New Message. Pointers can be found on the New Message Wiki Page.

"Discretion is the ability to hold Wisdom within yourself, to hold an awareness within yourself without sharing it inappropriately."

"Discretion means you know what to say and when to say it. The rest of the time, you remain silent. You are not governed now by a need to express yourself to offset your sense of inadequacy or insecurity. You realize that your words have power and that they commit you, and so you want to use them carefully. You do not want to use deception, but you want to place your words well. Words are forces in and of themselves, and once they leave your lips, they travel beyond you. And you will be held accountable for them, particularly as you gain strength."

When I awoke I remembered the dream in more detail than I do now. I remember thinking it was in tune with yesterday’s step about not being deterred by other people’s opinions. I felt these men were merely expressing their own opinion and it did not mean they were right. They did not know more than I did, they were not wiser, they were not seers or men of providence, they were merely expressing their personal opinion about something they themselves knew very little about. I kept my secret and used my discernment and discretion. These are qualities that stand the test of time. Much of what the New Message offers stands the test of time, this is what gives it verity in my eyes. It is not calling for anything mercantile or flimsy, anything tantalizing to attract the crowds and bamboozle them. It is speaking to those time-honored qualities and human capacities that are the inheritance of anyone who wishes to practice and cultivate them in themselves.

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