Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Day Twenty-Six-The Rays of Initiation

Alice was drawn today into a fiery world in the realm of mystery. In a vast dark place a huge bonfire was burning. A giant pile of brushwood, dry branches and twigs formed an enormous dome that crackled and burned. The flames rose high into the dark sky and filled the area with bright red and orange light. In the center of the infernal pyre was a door, an opening that led into the heart of the stacked branches. It was through this door and into this opening that Alice stepped. The fire did not burn her, it stood back, forming a halo of warmth and comfort around her. This was her initiation.

Jesus was a man way ahead of his times. He was a man of Knowledge in a world where people were even more ignorant about what Knowledge is than they are today. Humanity had not reached the level of spiritual evolution it has reached today, so Jesus was dealing with people who had very little or no idea of what he was about. His disciples were with him and supported him, but even they were not strong enough to spread the Word. Only after Jesus passed over were a few of his most dedicated followers able to go out into the world and preach what Jesus had taught and write some it down. But they were mere drops in a vast ocean.

The Bible is an allegory, what is written there cannot be taken as the gospel truth (no pun intended). The stories are myths and legends, their meaning only apparent to those initiated in the Mystery. The crucifixion is an allegory expressing what Jesus suffered mentally and physically in a world too ignorant to understand what he was offering. He was ridiculed, hounded, and persecuted for his teaching, because it was more than the ordinary human mind of those days could fathom. But his life was an expression of Knowledge, and Knowledge never dies, so his resurrection after death is an allegory of the eternity of Knowledge. Jesus’ body was not resurrected, only the eternal part of him, just as the eternal part of everyone else rises to heaven to continue its good works there. After physical death, the soul continues its initiation in the Way of Knowledge until it can reincarnate in a body again. Knowledge is the precious gift that each soul brings back with it, consciously or not, to then be spread further and sparked in others heretofore unaware of it. For Knowledge can only be experienced and expressed by a person if they create room for it in their lives. Jesus was way ahead spiritually of the people he shared his life with on Earth, a bright shining light of Knowledge in a dark and ignorant world.

Marshall Vian Summers is also a person way ahead of his time. However, in today’s world a much larger percentage of humanity is initiated and spiritually advanced. Nevertheless, compared with the total population on the planet, this number is still small. Marshall says he always felt he had a body of knowledge within him that he did not know the origin of. His Knowledge has been fully activated and now he is spreading it in the world through the teachings he is receiving. Is this the Angelic Assembly speaking through him? Is the Voice really in the world? Is this God speaking again to humanity at a troubled time? I do not know. But I do know that Marshall is a man of Knowledge, just as Jesus was a man of Knowledge. Perhaps Muhammad and Buddha were men of Knowledge too. Yes, they were, but I know less about their lives and circumstances, so I cannot speak on their behalf. 

Marshall has some mysterious capacity to transmit the Knowledge that flows through him into a vast verbal and written form for humanity to read, listen to, and understand. He is not a god, he is not an angel, or maybe he is an angel, as is everyone who has lived enough lives and been through enough learning and initiation. He is a man who is spiritually ahead of most of the rest of humanity. And he is here now to accelerate the initiation of others who are reaching a similar spiritual level. We all have Knowledge planted inside us from the beginning, only for some reason we are not aware of it, or we forget about it. And the memory lies so deep that it takes far too many lifetimes to recognize it. So Marshall is here now at this time to accelerate the process for those who are nearing this recognition or may have already recognized it. He is here to trigger the memory in those ready to have it triggered. And there are many more in the world today like that than ever before. This has to be because our world is reaching its limit and something has to change. We are past the point of no return, and without spirituality, without the reclamation of Knowledge, we will perish, the planet Earth will be a very different place than we know it today.

We need these Messengers who have come to us throughout the ages - the Buddha, the Muhammad, the Jesus, the Vian - to show us the way, to light our path out of the darkness, the Separation. But I feel we must understand that they are not individuals, they are phenomena. They are not to be placed on a pedestal and lauded as gods, they are to be honored as vehicles through which Knowledge, our connection with the Creator of All Life, is manifested in the world.

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