Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Day Twenty-Three-Willingness and Participation

There was a cold wind blowing in the garden this morning, straight from the south. I could feel my hands and fingers stiffening in the cold as I did my exercises. I did not tarry today, but walked briskly through the frozen grass into my warm home.

Here I am at peace and I have Knowledge to keep me company. I have the freedom to experience and express Knowledge and I am keeping the freedom to experience and express Knowledge alive in the world. Knowledge shines like a bright light within me and spreads out to the rest of the world. I am a force for good in the world because the power and presence of Knowledge are with me. This is not something I have invented, nor can I really describe it to others. But this power is with me and abides with me because I have created a place for it. Yes, all I need to do is create a place for it and it will grow and make its presence felt. I am a willing participant. This is all that is required. Willingness and participation. Thus, I can be a force for good in the world. It is not my personal attributes and abilities that make me a force for good, for this force is universal. I am only a small expression of it, it is not mine, it does not come from my personal achievements. It is only manifest due to my willingness to create a place for it inside me and allow it to work its magic. It is as simple as that. I wish to move toward this today with all my heart and soul.

Alice was drawn to a cave under the North Pole at the very top of the world. It was an enormous ice cave dressed in turquoise, aquamarine, and white and decorated with icicles of all shape and size. The entire effect was mesmerizing, a glittering show of frozen fantasy, with the Queen of this frozen faerie fantasy land sitting on her throne in the very depths. She was blue and immobile with a tall helmet donning her head and a long staff topped with an orb in her hand. Her long brocade gown hung stiffly around her and two sapphires shone where her eyes should have been. Alice could not really make sense of why she had been called to come here. If only to know what might happen if she failed at her mission to bring Knowledge into the world. She stood and allowed the liquid blue light to penetrate her mind and body. There it expanded and transported her out into the galaxies, into the greater and more expansive world of the Greater Community. The icicle-adorned cave with its still majesty was only one place along the way. Perhaps there were mysteries it had to reveal that Alice was not ready to receive. She could only register and digest what made an impact on her mind today and not try to fathom the things she still did not understand.

There was a red jewel waiting for her, but she did not see it until she was gone. She saw it in hindsight and would now have to wait until the next time she was summoned to retrieve it. She had been too busy looking at all the glittering glory around and above her to notice the small ruby heart-shaped gift waiting at her feet.

The sky is now clear and blue. It reminds me of the glacial cave, for it is icy and frosty today. 

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