Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Day Twenty-The Truth Rising

“The truth must be fully experienced ... It is an experience, and so it is something that is deeply felt. ... Truth is something you will feel with your entire body, with your entire being.” (Step 18 of Steps to Knowledge: The Book of Inner Knowing: "Today I Feel the Truth Rising Within Myself.")

Alice stood on a wide empty highway leading into the realms of mystery. It was early morning and the sun had not yet risen although it was getting light. A gauzy mist clung to the grass at the side of the road and filled the landscape. Nothing could be seen apart from the immediate road in front of her and the mist-enshrouded landscape around. It was milky and densely quiet. This was the open road to Knowledge. Nothing stirred here, there was no noise. Alice stepped out onto the pinkish rough surface of the road, it had no center line, it had no beginning or end, it merely stretched before her beckoning. 

She began walking. Her footsteps crunched slightly as she moved. There was a light chill in the air, the mist clung to the grass by the roadside and left a dampness in beads of dew. It gradually lost its denseness and a luminescence shone through. The morning rays of the sun began shining, first in rosy hues, then turning to orange, through the mist, dissipating it. Before they broke through entirely, the landscape was filled with a pink pearly haze, in some places a deep magenta, in others a pale, feathery rose. Alice’s heart felt full of peace and joy. She walked on into the glory of the new day and the rising sun, confident that the road would lead her to where she needed to go and more of the mystery would be revealed.

We walked in the snowy woods, the path was covered in snow. No one had walked there before us this morning, there were no footprints whatsoever, not even birds or animals. It was quiet and majestic. 

It keeps on snowing, although it is thinking about turning to rain. I thought all the snow would melt, but it is still clinging to the trees and covering the ground. There is no sunshine to break through the grayness. I step out into the damp morning darkness and embrace the world.

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