Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Day Twenty-Two-The Schoolhouse

Alice was drawn to the schoolhouse today. A simple wooden building with wooden benches and wooden desks. The room was warm and sunlit, outside the lilacs were in bloom, sending their heavenly fragrance through the windows in wafts, and drawing the mind away from its books.

She recalls the school room in Moscow in 1981, when spring was well on its way and lilacs bloomed outside those windows too. The mild spring weather, the warm sun, the fragrant lilacs drew her away from her learning to dance through the streets of Moscow and meet her lover. She was there to learn Russian better, to perfect her skills, for they would serve her well in her mission in this life. She did not know that then and was a poor student. She took her lessons blithely, without diligence and determination. Her Russian was abysmal and she made no effort to improve it by pouring over books. The most effective way she found to improve it all was being out in the street among Russians, socializing with Russians, and overcoming her complexes. And not only socializing superfluously, but being drawn into a specific company, drinking together, loving together, listening to long stories, funny jokes, philosophizing, and ranting. In this atmosphere, she soaked up the melody and lilting of the Russian language, imbibed it in her heart and soul, tucked away its nuances and meanings for future use. In 1981, she did this unconsciously, unaware of the fabulous life in Russia that awaited her. At the time, it was only a pipedream, something she hardly even dare think might come true. But it did.

Now she was living in her rural haven, now she was living with the man she had met back then and so wished to spend every minute with. She longed and pined then, suffered through the times they were apart, to now be living with him day and night, undistracted by other people and doings, in a close-knit twosome far from the madding crowd. She even had the freedom with him to engage in her translation of the New Message from God into Russian. He was none the wiser. She did not share it with him for he did not understand, he was not ready. But she felt a strong calling to do this translation work, even though she never thought she could. She only translated professionally into English, her native language. It was flowing though, and it was progressing freely, with no burden on her part. 

Alice was in the classroom to learn today. There could be no distraction from the outside world, for there the mental environment was frivolous and thoughtless, wishing for fun and entertainment and discarding the serious preparation required to be ready for the turbulent times ahead. It was time to get serious and push irresponsible and scatter-brained pursuits away. The time had come for strengthening the foundation of her life so that she would be ready, ready for every eventuality, ready for whatever she was destined to do in this life. She would be attentive and persevering in her studies. She would practice with diligence and dedication, discretion and discernment, always listening for the signs, listening for what she was ready to hear. She was in this schoolhouse outhouse on the edge of the universe and would sit there for as long as it took to have the lesson drilled into her, to recognize her knowing, to know what she had to do and where she had to go without doubt, skepticism, or confusion. This is the Way of Knowledge, it is not the way of the world, for the world has its own program, and who knows where the world is going.

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