Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Day Two-Hope

Hope is a cover for fear. So do not even hope, says the oracle. Just accept, be open to what Knowledge brings and offers you, and let the mystery of the Universe work its magic. Knowledge can never be lost, it can only be ignored and forgotten. It is always there when addressed, always ready to weave its mystery into my life.

It was warm and soft as I stepped out into my world this morning. I cannot demand to live here, I cannot negotiate, I cannot bend the rules to suit my own wishes, I can only go with the flow and let it take me where it will.

Alice was ready to journey on and plunge deeper into the well of Knowledge. She sat for a while at the edge, preparing her mind for stillness, listening to hear what she was ready to hear. A faint echo resounded from far, far away. She could not catch what it said. The sound was carried away before she could register it. She began to descend. It was warm and dry. She passed the ledge that led out into the sparkling snowbound kingdom where chivalry and knighthood worked their magic, and continued down into the darkness. A faint reddish glow beckoned her on. Down, down, she went. The glow brightened and she stopped on a ledge with a view out into a fiery world. 

Before her opened a forest glade in the middle of which was a huge fire. The sparks danced skyward, silhouetting the tops of tall pines against the starry sky. There was much movement, many figures were weaving and undulating around the fire in a mesmerizing dance. Alice stepped out among them and found herself drawn into the gyrations. She became one with the dance. The tips of her fingers touched the tips of the fingers of those on either side and they were one. The touch was as light as a feather but as strong as iron. The energy ran up her arms and through her veins. All were bound in mysterious movement. The faces she saw lit up in the firelight were solemn and noble. Some were deeply wrinkled, others were smooth as newborn babes. Hair flowed, but some heads were bald. The movement was rhythmic and undulating, and soon Alice felt herself drawn into the fiery ball of cosmic motion, circulating and rotating, like a Catherine wheel on Guy Fawke’s night. In this state, her mind was free, purified of everything extraneous.

Michael’s face appeared in her vision, noble and smiling, nodding in recognition and understanding. He was a man of his own will, his own inner tuning, listening to his own commands and his own promptings. He would not bend to what the world demanded, he would dance to his own tune, his own piping, a Pan of the netherworld, the night world of secrets. Even gentleness would not coax him to give up his secrets, for they were deeper and more complicated than that.

Then Claire’s face appeared, mellow and calm, surrounded in a halo of angel light. She was an angel and always had been, but her body and mind had betrayed her this time and she was left to struggle against their dark clutches. But sooner or later, she would break free and return to her angelic essence, a goddess of light and goodness, a goddess who knew the price that had to be paid for lies. 

Time has no meaning, it is eternity that counts. There is no linear time, so what we experience in this physical world is a chimera. In the ethers where the Source abides, there is no time, only eternity. And in eternity everything is possible. The diseased mind on the physical plane is a bright and lucid mind in the spiritual sphere. Claire just has to live through this physical stage and then she will move on to embrace the glory of the spirit she truly is. This is what Alice hears today as she dances in unison with the spirits in the forest glade around the giant fire. This is where heaven and earth come together to work their alchemy and where the mysteries of being become manifest.

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