Friday, October 18, 2013

Disappearing Into The Woodwork

Prelude: One Woman’s Journey to Self-Realization

I believe that every life is a journey along the evolutionary path of the soul. If taken consciously it may lead to a higher level of awareness and inner knowing, a knowing that comes from the deeper mind where Knowledge resides, Knowledge that claims to represent my True Self (Step 2) and my true foundation in the world (Step 6). It is my task to reunite with this Knowledge, to reunite with the Universal Source of All That Is, to experience the emergence of Knowledge and reclaim it.

To sidetrack for just a moment, let me explain that this Knowledge with a capital letter is not what we think it is. It has nothing to do with facts and figures, or with what we learned in school or anywhere else, it has nothing to do with education. To quote the source text in What is Knowledge: “Knowledge represents your bond and your intrinsic relationship with all life. Yet Knowledge has a specific mission for you in this life— a mission which you are encouraged to discover, to accept, to integrate and to fulfill.”

So I am on a mission, a mission which is still a mystery to me, and this is the story of my personal journey to discover this mission so far. I began writing it when I was fifty-one, having reached what I considered to be a certain vantage point along my life-path, a certain ledge with a view where I could rest and take stock of where I was at, review what had gone before and reflect on where I might still be going. Four years have passed since the initial writing, and during this time I have climbed to a new ledge with a better view, which is what prompted me to return to and reconsider, refashion if you will, what I wrote before. I am hoping I can bring things into sharper and more coherent focus, but maybe that is just another vain hope.

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